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I write poetry, plays, screenplays and songs, specializing in co-created and devised writing projects. 


I write playful, searching poetry inspired by nature and the dew-drop sweetness of daily life.

During the pandemic, I started writing for my friends ("leave me a word and I'll write you a poem") until I had written over 50 poems on words like pineapple, hope and llama!

People began asking if they could support my writing, so I now offer commissioned poems for events, people, and moments in time.


You can also join my poetry commons, at my membership site on buy me a coffee :) 

Download a free poem

Commission a Poem

Short pdf poem - $21

Longer pdf poem - $51

Printed & decorated poem - $108

All poems are original (copyright remains with author)


Thanks for being a poetry patron!


Plays I've written include Mystery Play, a poetic reinvention of Hansel & Gretel and Lee & the Tallest Tree, a play for young people about loneliness, nature, and facing your fears.


I specialize in co-created (aka devised) theatre, and have co-created several plays with both students and professionals including Shattering the Room, a me-too inspired retelling of the Odyssey; several co-created re-tellings / mash-ups of Shakespeare plays; and a current work-in-progress, Mothers of Freedom with Theatre of Eternal Values.  

To read my plays or commission new work, contact me here.


I am a co-writer and co-creator of Clone 9, an original sci-fi drama series about the sparkle and peril of human beings as technology, and one young woman's search for her own true history.  This project is housed at Blue Frontier Films, and is currently being shopped to studios.


Stay tuned for news on my upcoming screenwriting projects!  

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